So 80's

About ten months ago I went to the street market
Portaportese (Rome) for the first time, even if I had been living in Rome
for four years...My fresh friend Greta asked me to go with her,
I replied: why not!
Sunday morning, half past nine, completely drowsy, at the
 first stand I encountered (actually my favourite one) I found two
 old numbers of the magazine Vogue: years 1985 and 1987.
I've always been passionate about vintage fashion magazines,
 so I decided to buy them.First thing I've done when I came back home
was to leaf it through:
I remained very fascinate from the pictures of that women both
elegant and kitsch;
The lady in green and violet is my first fashion illustration,
 from that moment I started to explore the wide set of color methods to
explain my idea of fashion illustration.

Really hope you'll enjoy it, Macro On.


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