Invisible monsters

About six yeras ago I found in a library "Invisible Monsters", 
a book from Chuck Palahniuk. At the time I had never heard about Palahniuk,
I was just captured from the cover; Result: I totally loved it from the first moment,
It seemd to me so pulp, so fashion, so emotional, something like a pang in the stomach.
Later on I lended it , or something like this, and I've never seen it any more.
In the last days I've seen it again in the shelf of a library and I decided to buy it;
this time I found it a little fulsome about the social denounce an the freaky side,
but I still thing that the writer has really really style,in this book more than others.
He is so speed, so penetrating, so glamour, finally he writes immages...movies for the brain...
So the book insipred me some drawnings that now I have in my mind: here is a little taste...
What to say!"
You can only old a smile for so long, after that is just teeth!" (Chiuck Palahniuk)

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  1. Love it, well shared and I do love the illustrations. You have special taste and it reflects who you are as an artist too... keep up the good works, cheers~