CUTTLEFISH (and the bruise pristine) *Part 1

I'd like to have called this shooting "Fuckin manual focus" : 
during this shooting something has magically switched the button 
from auto to manual focus and a lot of shoots are resulted unfocused.
Anyway I love these pictures,the mood of images is exactly what I
thought it should be, 
I strongly wanted Gianluca to be photographed by me, he seems to be not from this earth,
just like a CUTTLEFISH...Macro On!

                                                                                Model :   Gianluca
                                                                                Photos & Styling :   Me
                                                                                Location :  Abandoned factory on Vesuvio


  1. I know I have a love/hate with my dslr
    one false move and you alter everything!!!

    I am OBSESSED with that first photo!!!!
    - George

  2. Hey George, I'm glad I started an obsession, I shoot from a little time and I always used dslr of a friend of mine, I'm going to buy one but I'm vary wavering :)(I can't talk about the differnce with the film); in the rear I think that the camera is only the instrument...Thank you for dropping on my blog and comment, Bruno.