La casa con la scala nel buio

There was a time I had a walkman (I like old-style terms), at that time I was living in Rome,
in that player were the following track: "Ellen Allien and Apparat - Do Not Break",
I was using to listen to that track in loop.
There was a time (the same time) I felt in love with 80's italian horror movies, 
my favourite ever is the following: "A blade in the dark"
(Italian: "La casa con la scala nel buio") from Lamberto Bava;
that movie gots a really intense script,a wonderful photography,
clean shots and nice close up...
There was a time I started editing this videoclip, but, as a lot of things during my life,
it remained incomplete in a folder on my external hard disk untill now;
I really feel this music and these (fashion tasted) immages, 
I overlaped both and it results a clip ironic and a little bit striking, I think.
So remembring that Macro Onde I't not a fact, It's a suggestion...
turn off the (bright) lights, make it louder and enjoy it...Macro On.
(Dedicated to Enrico that ticked me off because of my inaction from november on the blog)

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